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Viagra is widely used to treat erectile dysfunction. When administered, Viagra promotes the production of nitric acid in the body and therefore its effects. Nitric acid is a natural chemical responsible for relaxing muscles in the male reproductive organ that is the penis. When the muscles relax, there is more blood flow in resulting to an erection during sexual stimulation.

Viagra has gained popularity over the years for helping many men with erectile dysfunction to enjoy sexual intimacy again and for better xtrasize funciona. Erectile dysfunction causes the penis to remain numb instead of getting erect, a factor that is essential for one to enjoy sexual intimacy. What you need to know about Viagra is that apart from treating erectile dysfunction, there are other health benefits associated with the drug. Below is a look at each of them.

Health Benefits Of Viagra

1. Helps with pregnancym,zjajaajajajaa

Women who have problems getting pregnant can be treated using Viagra if the problem lies in their uterine lining. For the uterus to be fit to carry a pregnancy, the uterine walls must be thick. This means that they are strong enough to hold the baby. A woman with a thin uterine lining cannot carry a pregnancy and mostly ends up experiencing a miscarriage. What you need to know about Viagra is that it enhances blood flow and the delivery of estrogen to the uterine linings. This in return thickens the uterine lining making it strong enough to carry a pregnancy. For this treatment, Viagra is best administered through the vagina to ensure that a higher concentration of the drug reaches the uterine blood vessels.

2. Treatment of high blood pressure

Viagra has been proved a success in the treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension or what is commonly known as high blood pressure. It has been used in both adults and infants born with breathing difficulties. Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension results from insufficient blood flow which causes the heart’s right side to perform harder than it should. With time, the heart enlarges and results to heart failure. Viagra, when administered into the body enhances the blood vessels to circulate oxygenated blood with ease by opening them up. This reduces the blood pressure taking it back to normal.

3. Prevention of High Altitude Sickness

Another thing you need to know about Viagra is that it helps with high altitude sickness which occurs when people go to high altitudes. In high altitudes, the sickness occurs when the lungs are filled with a fluid resulting in difficulty in breathing. It also increases the heart beat rate. Just as in the treatment of high blood pressure, Viagra helps the blood vessels to open up and allow circulation of oxygenated blood into the lungs and other parts of the body. This ensures that oxygen and blood flow are sufficient even in high altitudes thus preventing high altitude sickness.

4. Gastroparesis treatment

mzmajajajaajWhen food gets into the stomach, it is pushed down into the small intestines through a process where the stomach contracts. The vagus nerve makes this possible. If the nerve gets damaged, this process becomes impossible and food remains longer than it should in the stomach. This condition is known as gastroparesis and is common in diabetic people. Viagra relaxes the stomach muscles and restores them to their normal function of contracting to force the food down into the small intestines.…


A workout plan is vital if you are going to succeed in your fitness goals. It is a tool that will help you to plan around your work schedule and other roles. It will keep you motivated towards achieving your workout goals and help you break down your step by step plan on how to attain them. Below we look at the benefits of having a workout plan.

Workout Plan Benefits

It creates a habit

A fitness program is a good way to form a habit. Since you are already accountable, it is difficult to keep postponing the things that you ought to do at a particular day or time. When you repeatedly do these things you begin to form habits that become part of you. According to gymjunkies blog whileklckkdkddkdkdk using a plan made by someone else may be the easiest way to achieve your fitness goal without extra planning, it is always advisable to adjust it accordingly to suit your needs. Tailor make it to simple, achievable steps.


There will always be things to be done. A workout plan allows you to make exercise a priority, and remain consistent in your workout. Stick to specific days and times. Within no time, even your body will notify you when it is time for exercise.

Achieving a balance

When you have a good plan, you are also able to track other important things like hydration, nutrition, and sleep. When you have adequate sleep and a balanced diet that includes hydration, it is easier to achieve your fitness goals.

Breaking down your goals

With a fitness plan, you can easily break down your goals into small, achievable steps. Achieving each step becomes a motivation to achieve the next and so on. You also never lose track of what you are supposed to do next. All you have to do is read and implement the instructions that you have written down.

Helps you not to undertrain or overtrain

Working out without a plan will likely result in undertraining or overtraining. You may, in fact, be spot training, unknowingly. Spot training never achieves any significant results. You may also be doing too much of a particular exercise. With a plan, you can never suffer from burn out. A good plan should have a good balance between working out and rest. Sometimes, when you feel tired, and you do not want to exercise, a program will remind you to exercise a little more since it could be what you need to relax.

Goal creation

The workout plan becomes a goal in itself. When you begin to follow your plan, you want to strive to ensure that you make through to the end.

A record

m,cmmccmcmYour plan may include a workout log where you check off something every time you achieve it. The records not only serve as a motivation but can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular workout program or certain workouts. Whatever you are able to achieve could be enhanced, while what was ineffective can be eliminated from your workout routine. Keeping a record also commits the various workouts and techniques to memory. It becomes easier even to share your experience with others, or advice a friend who may be looking to try out a workout that you have already succeeded in.

In conclusion, working out without any plan is equal to driving without any purpose or destination. A plan gives your workout a structure that motivates you to do better and achieve your goal.…