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Kratom is a herb in the family called Rubiaceae that is native to Southeast Asia in Malesia and Indochina known as MitragynaSpeciosa.  The first person to ever document about it was Pieter Korthals. Pieter was a botanist. Traditionally the tree was used for its medicinal properties and also its ethnobotanical properties. The indigenous people use the leaves as a stimulant in low doses and as a sedative in large doses. They also use the leaves of the Kratom as medication for diarrheal and also as a pain reliever. There are three major types of Kratom. Click on the highlighted link for the best kratom for pain and energy. These are; the White Vein, Red Vein and the Green Vein.


Kratom strains

Borneo is one of the most popular Kratom strains. This Kratom is native to the Malaysia and Indonesia. This Kratom which comes from Borneo is known to come in all the four-color strains; green and red Borneo is the ones that are most popular. The Green Borneo Kratom is known for its specific properties.  The Green Borneo Kratom provides an individual with some remarkable uplift and energy relaxation.

Red Kratom

This Kratom is used to help for mental stress like for example anxiety. Green strains of the plant, on the other hand, are much known for providing some euphoric experiences to the user.


Bali is usually from a combination of Borneo and Sumatra. This Kratom was named Bali because it was first discovered in Bali where the combination was created. Bali comes from Indonesia. Bali is a small province island which is much smaller than Borneo and is located on the other side of the Java Sea. This Kratom comes in Green, Red and White strains. The Red strain is the most popular of this Kratom.


This is another Kratom type. Like the other types of Kratom, the Malaysian is also identified by the location which it is grown. The Malaysian Strains are usually not that popular as the ones that are grown in Indonesia. This is because Kratom is usually illegal in this country. One of the Best-Known Malay is the Super Green Malay. This Malay is popular because it is best known to give someone some energetic and also mood boosting effects. Just like Many other Kratoms the Malaysian Strains also come in four different color varieties.


Kratom that is grown in Indonesia

Just from the name, the Indo is a Kratom that is grown in Indonesia. It is also grown in some parts of Bali and also Borneo. This type is known as the “White Indo.” One of its most known effects is that it stimulates an individual’s Brain. The Kratom can also come in green and Red strains.…

Garcinia cambogia

This is a tropical fruit which is used as a weight loss supplement. It is known for blocking the ability of the body in making fat and reducing appetite. It plays a vital role in checking the levels of blood sugar and cholesterol. You can find this product at the local stores where it is packed in bottles. It can also be found in other diet products as one of the ingredients.

How does it work?

This herb has an ehuman brainssential ingredient known as hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which plays a crucial role in the fat burning process and cutting back your appetite. It achieves this by blocking the citrate lyase enzyme which is used by the body in making fat. It also helps in raising the levels of serotonin which is a chemical found in the brain. This chemical makes one feel less hungry.

Garcinia cambogia helps in weight loss, but studies are still being conducted to establish its effectiveness in reducing weight.

Effects of Garcinia Cambogia on cholesterol and diabetes

This herb makes it easier for the body to utilize glucose and sugar when energy is needed in the cells. A study that was conducted in mice proved that mice which were given a dose of Garcinia cambogia had lower levels of insulin when compared to the mice that didn’t. This makes it an ideal option for the individuals having diabetes. It also works very effectively in controlling the blood sugar. However, it can lower the blood sugar levels beyond the recommended level when used together with other medications.

Research has revealed that Garcinia cambogia helps in improving the cholesterol levels in the body.

Side effects of garcinia Cambogia

This herb is associated witwoman with hand on headh certain side effects which include dizziness, headache, upset stomach, and dry mouth.  There was a warning that was sent to people in 2009 to stop using this product as a weight loss supplement since it was linked with serious liver problems.

However, it was not clear whether it was fully responsible for that problem since the product used had other ingredients too.

There is some research which suggests that its supplement is safe for use while others disagree. Continued use or Garcinia Cambogia supplements might also interact poorly with the following:

  • Allergy and asthma medicines
  • Pain medicines
  • Diabetes medicines including insulin and pills
  • Prescriptions for other psychiatric conditions
  • Warfarin which is a blood thinner
  • Drugs which lower cholesterol

This supplement is not recommended for use in the pregnant mothers and individuals nursing liver and kidney problems.…