Tips for Dealing with Sulfur Burps

All people burp to release the excess air in their digestive system. Typically, most burps do not have a distinct smell, but some may have some odor. For example, sulfur burps have the smell of rotten eggs. The burps are from the swallowed air held in the esophagus and released before getting into the stomach. However, some of the air makes it to the stomach, mixes with digestive gases, and is then burped back.

It is from the digestive gases, mainly hydrogen sulfide, that the burped air gets its odor. Releasing sulfur burps is not a cause for alarm, but there is a reason to worry if it gets too much. It may be a sign of some underlying digestive system issue. You can check out the Healthoverdosed to find more about the sulfur burps.

Below are some home remedies for sulfur burps:

Green Tea

Maybe you have heard much talk about green tea and wondered what is so special about this tea variant. Many people know this tea as useful for good digestion and promoting general body health and well-being. Green tea is taken as the go-to remedy for stomach issues in most cultures.

Moreover, green tea of the mint flavor has an extra advantage of freshening the breath. Also, chamomile tea is another excellent natural treatment for gas issues and helps bring relaxation and restful sleep.

Ginger and Peppermint Tea

ginger tubersPeople have enjoyed the fantastic taste of ginger in foods and drinks for centuries and have used it to cure egg burps for many years. While using ginger as a remedy for sulfur burps, you can either make ginger tea or add it to the various recipes as fresh ginger.

However, it would help if you did not take ginger ale to cure smelly burping because it increases the stomach’s gas. You may also drink peppermint tea to deal with gas problems. People discovered its effectiveness in enhancing digestion and eliminating bad breath. Enjoy the tea at your convenience to reduce the egg burps.


The importance of drinking water for good health cannot be overemphasized. It is also a crucial remedy for sulfur burps as well as improving digestion. It would be best to drink enough water daily because it prevents bacteria from invading your stomach and eliminates the bad smell. To have the benefits of better digestion and to reduce burps, you should drink water prior to eating.

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