Tips to Help You Keep Your Eyelash Extensions Healthy

With the services of an eyelash artist and good maintenance practices, you are guaranteed of keeping them stunningly beautiful. That said, this article will highlight some of the tips to employ if you want to keep them healthy, full and beautiful.

Employ proper cleaning methods

Eyelash extensions need to be kept clean and tidy. Besides this, you should lash extensionemploy the recommended cleaning techniques. If you are hesitant about cleaning your lashes, you should quit this tendency. Ensure you clean your lashes after a few days. This way, you will get rid of any harmful bacteria, oils, makeups, and debris.

To clean your lashes, first, remove all make-ups using an oil-free lash cleaner. After this, wet your fingertips, apply some eyelash cleaner, and then wipe gently. Once you are done, rinse, allow them to dry and then use your brush to separate the extension.

Some of the dangerous practices to avoid while washing your eyelash extension include rubbing, pulling, and tugging. These practices may cause your lashes to come off too soon than you expect or even damage your natural lashes.

Use right supplements

If you want to have your eyelash looking healthy, take some supplements. Vitamin B3 and E are some of the supplements that you should buy. Vitamin B3 is essential for stimulating growth, enhancing follicle health and minimizing breakage. On the other hand, vitamin E facilitates blood transportation in this region and boosting collagen growth. Besides this, you should consider taking calcium-rich foods or supplements. Calcium minimizes breakage and breakage.

Apply lash serum

You can help promote lash growth by applying the lash serum. This product is rich in vitamins. Vitamins keep your lash strong thick and long. When purchasing lash serum, you should settle for a brand that is oil free. Besides this, it should be appropriate for both natural and extension lashes. To get the best out of eyelashes, you should only apply it along the eyelashes line and not on your extension or lashes.

Avoid heavy lash extensions

You only need to opt for a lash extension that your natural lashes can bear. Avoid heavy lashes. Failure to this, you may end up damaging our natural eyelashes. Working with an eyelash expert is a sure way of having an extension that matches your natural eyelashes. Besides this, you can opt for volume lashes rather than heavy ones.

Work with an expert

eye lashesThe secret of appreciating good eyelash looks is working with a qualified cosmetologist. These professionals have the skills required in handling different clients. Therefore, in your quest of having healthy and full eyelashes, you should consider working with experts.

These are just but a few tips to help you appreciate nice looking eyelashes. Employ these techniques, and you will have something to brag about all year round.

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